Welcome to Le Zie by OSTROMbrands!
“Le Zie deliver products with an authentic and rustic feel that support and inspires your passion of everyday cooking”
Le Zie is an authentic kitchenware brand founded on the Italian kitchen principles: Quality, Tradition, Functionality and Passion for food. Staying true to our brand values and passion for food Le Zie take great pride in our hand-picked extra virgin olive oil from Maddaloni and the world renowned pasta from Gragnano.

Corporate Gift bundles
OSTROMbrands began introduction of Le Zie 2015 in the US and our main focus is within the corporate gift and incentives space. If you are searching for a holiday gift for your staff or want to send a gourmet gift to your clients showing your appreciation we are happy to provide bundle ideas for a unique gifting experience. If you want we can also manage drop shipments to your clients. We ship from Dallas, TX, For more information contact us at info@ostrombrands.com.