Our pasta

Reputed to be the birthplace of dried pasta our choice for the Gragnano pasta was obvious. This is where a cooperative of local pasta makers, produces this unique line of bronze-drawing pasta made with local durum wheat. Our pasta factory is located in the enchanting scenery of the “Valley of Mills” at Gragnano, a small town south of Naples in the region of Campania, where clear spring water, mixed with excellent raw materials and the light wind breeze, have produced a unique pasta for more than five centuries. This family business is managed by Alfonso and his wife Filomena. Made of high quality durum wheat semolina and fresh spring water, the bronze-drawing and slow drying process, >24h, at very low temperature gives our pasta a particular roughness which better absorb the sauce, enhancing either traditional dishes or new and original tastes. Le Zie’s pasta deliver a high protein content of 13.5%. Le Zie pasta is USDA Organic certified. This pasta is for gourmet lovers!


Our olive oil

Following the tradition Le Zie’s harvest takes place in October when the olives ripe and turn color from green to black. We carefully handpick (no rakes, no machines) and mechanically cold press the oil within a few hours. The result is an exquisite rich unfiltered farmers oil showcasing an intense and vibrant color with a fresh grassy nose and smooth and peppery finish. Acidity level is ~0.3%. Le Zie’s EVOO is a blend including following olive cultivars; Leccino, Frantoio, Ogliarola and Coratina. Le Zie also offer flavored oils e.g. Lemon, Rosemary, & Chili Pepper. We use fresh Lemons, fresh Rosemary, dry Chili Pepper, and crush them together with the olives during the press. The taste is simply fantastic and excellent for dipping with bread as an appetizer, sautéing your meat/fish/vegetables, or drizzle over the pasta, salad etc. Try some Le Zie Lemon oil over vanilla ice cream, its amazing.
We hope you enjoy our oil as much as we do.
Buon appetito!


Our kitchenware line

Throughout the years we have continuously refined and improved our product line. While maintaining our core brand values in providing a rustic brand we constantly explore opportunities with new materials that will improve the kitchen experience. Our ambition is to provide a brand experience you connect and relate to with passion.