This olive oil bundle include; 3 units of Le Zie’s 8.45 Fl oz flavored oils (LEMON-ROSEMARY-CHILI PEPPER), and Diglio’s 16.9 Fl oz Superior Category Natural EVOO.

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This is the perfect gift for the Olive Oil lover! Our olive oil is made from truly handpicked olives, no rakes, no machines, from the mountains in Benevento, Campania region, in the southern part of Italy. Following the tradition harvest take place when the olives ripe in October and turn color from green to black/brown. We carefully handpick, mechanically cold press and bottle our oil within a few hours. The result is an exquisite rich farmers oil showcasing an intense and vibrant color with a fresh grassy nose and peppery finish. Acidity level is below 0.3%. Our flavored oil is produced by crushing our olives and local grown lemons, chili pepper, rosemary, together in the press. Our oils are excellent for dipping with bread, used when sautéing your fish or meat or simply drizzled over your salad or pasta.

This Gourmet Bundle include; 3 pcs of Le Zie’s 8.45 Fl oz flavored oils (LEMON-ROSEMARY-CHILI PEPPER), and our 16.9 Fl oz Unfiltered Diglio Natural EVOO.

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